Why Is 3,000 Mile Oil Change No Longer the Standard?

3,000 miles used to be the standard for getting your vehicle oil changed. That number stuck in the minds of many vehicle owners. Maybe it was your mother or father who reinforced that number. Vehicles are much better these days. Engines are designed to last longer. Oil quality has drastically improved over the course of time. Modern vehicles can now go to the 7,000-mile mark or more before their next oil change.

You might still have that 3,000-mile number stuck in your head. It takes a little to transition to a different approach. You can always remember that you'll save more money by getting an oil change half as much as you did before. Oil changes at every 3,000 miles aren't going to usually help your vehicle more. It's only wasting time, energy and money on your behalf. You still need to check your oil at regular intervals and keep up with any maintenance plans.

Our service team at Laurel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram can help you set up your own specific maintenance plan. We can provide you more information relating to oil changes for your specific make or model. You can also consult your owner's manual. You can schedule a time to meet with us today. We're here to guide you to long-term success with your vehicle at 1000 Eisenhower Blvd!

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