CarFax Makes Flood Damage Database Free to the Public Following Hurricane Harvey

Even if you don't live in Texas, your car could still be affected by Hurricane Harvey. How? If you're searching for a pre-owned car in Johnstown, and buy one from a disreputable seller, there's a chance it could be one of the thousands of flood-damaged cars sent out of the disaster area to other states.

To help used-car shoppers avoid underhanded deals, CarFax is opening up its flood-damage database to the public. Simply look up the vehicle's VIN number to see if it was in a flood zone before it reached Pennsylvania.

Of course, some sellers…

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Get Your Oil Changed with Us Today!

When you are completing your maintenance schedule for your vehicle, one service that you may know that needs to get completed is an oil change. Do you know the importance of a regular oil change? One of the reasons that getting an oil change is imperative is the oil’s lubrication properties that it provides your car’s engine. Because the parts in the engine move quickly and get hot, the lubrication is essential to ensure that the parts run smoothly...

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The Fast Lane Car Flips its Wig for 2017 Dodge Viper

Do you happen to have the sports coupe segment on the brain? Well, if so, we here at Laurel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram would be quick to point you in the direction of ours, the 2017 Dodge Viper.

Why, though?

That answer, conveniently enough, can be found in the clip below. Pair up with The Fast Lane Car personality, Roman Mica, as he takes the Viper out for a test drive:

A truly brilliant base model, the Viper SRT delivers the goods in just about every manner imaginable.

Standard equipment on this trim includes 18-inch front and 19-inch rear wheels…

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Bat a thousand with the Chrysler 300

There’s no need to worry, we have plenty of the 2017 Chrysler 300 models in stock for our customers in the greater Johnstown area. With features like available 300 horsepower, a V6 engine, optional AWD, and up to 30 mpg highway, the 300 really could cure a bad day. We recommend taking one long drive each day to soothe the nerves and calm the tension that rises when your coworkers don’t put in their share of the work, you fret over whether you’ll get that big promotion, or you just need a bit of fresh air.

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That Crack in My Windshield Is Distorting My Vision!

Yes, a crack in your windshield can distort and impair the vision of the driver, making it a very dangerous thing to do. The glass can acquire more damage due to vibration, another object hitting it, or the sun's rays heating it. Even a small chip can weaken a windshield's strength.

If you get a sudden crack in your windshield due to some debris hitting it, you may not want to drive your car for long distances. Better yet, you should come see us at Laurel Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Johnstown, PA, or give us a call…

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